• RANGER游侠
  • MAGE法师

Spear of Judgment

Brandish the Spear of Judgement, causing physical damage to 3 enemies in front of you

Brave Assault

Launch a Brave Assault, knocking back 3 enemies in front of you

Glory's Light

Glory's light bursts forth, damaging the nearest 4 enemies and blinding them, reducing their attack damage.

Justice's Judgment

Impose Justice's Judgement upon 4 enemies in front of you, causing repeated physical damage.

Split-tip Arrow

Fire a split-tip arrow which splits apart and damages 3 enemies in front of you.

Lightning Arrow Rain

Fire into the sky and let arrows rain down like lightning, causing physical damage to 3 enemies around you.


Throw down a flashbang and blind enemies around you, causing lightning damage to 4 enemies around you and lowering their accuracy .

Galeforce Arrow

Fire a galeforce arrow, ripping through 4 enemies and knocking them back.

Sonic Blade

Swing your sword at the speed of sound, sending out blade waves that slash through 3 enemies in front of you

Shadow Sword Rain

Make shadow swords rain from the sky, decemating 3 enemies around you with huge amounts of magic damage.

Shadow Strike

Enter the shadow realm and shadow strike the enemy from behind, increasing your shadow attack damage.

Sword Dance

The strong warrior who is guarded by holy light is adept to resisting damages.

Fire Breath

Summon flames to blaze forth, causing magic damage to 3 enemies.

Fire Rain

Let fire rain from the skies, causing repeated magic damage to 3 enemies.

Burning Sun Protection

Condense your flames into a magic shield, which absorbs a set amount of damage and then explodes once broken, damaging 4 enemies.

Roaring Flame Dragon

Summon the great fire dragon to circle you, repeatedly damaging 4 enemies around you.